Monday, January 23, 2012

Cleanse Products: Daniel Fast / 7 - 21 Day Fast

Each of us bathe on a daily basis in order to clean the outside of our body. The question is how do you clean the inside of our bodies? Daily elimination is part of that, but we need to do more. Many of us have been eating too much of the wrong types of foods and the foods that only digest partially, like beef, chicken, etc. This, in combination with the carbohydrates we eat, can create quite a congestive situation in the 9 or so meters of the small intestines.

A cleanse is an accelerated program that is referred to as a “liquid feast”. You may opt to do a 7 Day Cleanse. However, these products are wonderful to incorporate into your Daniel Fast or 21 Day Cleansing Fast. Great information can be heard on previously recorded Cleanse Calls by clicking any of the Play buttons to listen to exciting discussions about the InnerLight 7 Day Cleanse. I also recommend the following books as resources to make your fast even more effective: The Fasting Edge by Jentezen Franklin and The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast by Kristen Feola. Understand this period is a “feast” and not a “fast”. This is not a program of deprivation. It is a program whereby you feed your body nutritionally-dense and chlorophyll-rich foods in a pureed or juiced form allowing us to mitigate the stress and loss of energy that comes with digestion. This, along with prayer, journaling and the proper supplements, will help clean out the digestive tract and provide the body the opportunity to use the energy that is generally used for digestion to be used for rebuilding our bodies, mind and spirit to be better and healthier. On this cleanse we get to feed our bodies better than we ever have before, where the food is already predigested (pureed or juiced).

What products to order for the cleanse? 
We have categorized what products to order by “Good”, “Better”, & “Best”.

More detail about the products

SuperGreens™ & Prime pH go to work eliminating acid wastes from the body. Prime pH is an oxygen catalyst in the bloodstream. This formulation has been shown to have an alkalizing, neutralizing, oxygenating and pH balancing effect on the body. MycoDetox 1 & 2 - This powerful cellular detoxifying and purifying team protects cells from mycotoxins created by bacteria, yeasts, fungi, molds, and also by alcohol and cigarette smoke. Fibrada - Provides necessary daily fiber and helps the digestive system eliminate toxins and wastes. Earth Essence Clay provides an impressive assortment of minerals, including calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, manganese, sodium and silica -- Due to it's large surface area, it has the ability to absorb and adsorb toxins.

Cleanse Option 2 (Better):
Caprilenic - Caprylic Acid and Undecylenic Acid naturally and effectively control yeasts, fungi, and molds. Spectrazyme - This dual-purpose formula controls a wide spectrum of bacteria, yeast and fungi as well as helps the body digest proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

Cleanse Option 3 (Best):
Catalyst Complex - Rhodium and Iridium help cells recover from damage caused to their communication system by acidic mycotoxins. Noni II - Nature’s “master catalyst,” the Noni fruit helps cells better absorb and utilize nutrients. B-Complex - Enzymes in these vitamins catalyze the body’s natural fuel-burning process in cells. Silver Plus - The essential trace mineral Silver acts as a catalyst, disabling the enzymatic process that many bacteria, fungus, and molds use for their metabolism. It also acts as a catalyst for the creation of healthy, new cells.

Earth Essence Clay:
Clay provides an impressive assortment of minerals, including calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, manganese, sodium and silica -- all alkalizing to the blood and tissues and foundational in the production of other elements. Due to it's large surface area, it has the ability to absorb and adsorb toxins. Earth Essence Clay has no additives, chemicals, or preservatives. The only processing it undergoes is crushing.

How to Order Supplements For The Cleanse?

You have the option of paying Retail, Preferred or Wholesale prices for the above options. The best way to buy is to sign up as a Preferred Customer and get on a minimum $40 a month automatic shipment. This will allow you to buy InnerLight Supplements at wholesale prices (25% discount). Contact me so I can explain these options to you or select Preferred Customer from the menu at the top of this page.

If you’re not clear about the program schedule an appointment for me to speak with you using the Appointron posted to the right selecting Fasting & Cleanse, Consultation, or send an email to We will help you.

Orders can be placed by calling 1-203-548-0377, 9:00AM – 5:00PM Central Time.