Friday, August 31, 2012

The Premium Water Pack

Oh yes, its true. Our Premium H2O Pack is the Premium Water Ionizer Pack. pH Miracle Premium Water Pack is available for a limited time and is the most advanced water system on the market today at a huge discount. For you that means this is yet another special to "jump on" so you can get in on it!

When I post these specials it's to let you know this is the product to own and it's a smart opportunity that those accustomed to the very best...already own. How wonderful these specials enable you to access those same healthful products at a discount, or in this case, a great packaged deal! As I always say, "You do not have to be a celebrity or billionaire to have the same lifestyle. You just have to catch the sale!". This is not simply a water ionizer, but a complete Water Health Package. Here's what you get:

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

pH Skin Care

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  4. SopH Skin Moisturizer
  5. re-pHresh Topical Spray
  6. Young pHorever Sun pHilter
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Friday, August 17, 2012

Good Reasons To Drink Tea

It might amaze you to know the benefits in drinking a simple cup of tea. In addition to its wonderful aroma, tea can be soothing as a warm beverage or refreshing when cold. Either way you look at it, tea is not to be underestimated. It really is an important item to keep in your pantry and consumed with regularity. Its also a very good beverage to drink while Fasting.