Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thanks Fellow Hoppers

Drink Your Greens and Minerals

Thank you my fellow hoppers and new blogging friends. It has been a great pleasure Getting To Know (all of) You and reading through your wonderful posts! I admire your dedication, design skills and have been grateful for all your visits. Thank you too for the warm welcomes to your sites. I have appreciated your kind and sincere comments; your encouragement and experiences shared here at +Drink Your Greens and Minerals own Getting To Know You blog hop.

This blog hop is being temporarily discontinued, but will return in a newly formatted Chat forum later on. I hope you continue to read +Drink Your Greens and Minerals! --I welcome your visits anytime. Until then, happy blogging. Have a blessed and prosperous day!

Warm regards,

Sherlinda Dix
+Drink Your Greens and Minerals! 

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