Monday, November 18, 2013

Shuzi: Nano Vibration Technology

Have you heard about the Shuzi (pronounced Shoo-zee) products? They require no batteries or other source of energy to operate. Shuzi uses a proprietary Chip that is made in the United States and is programmed to resonate with your cells’ natural frequencies utilizing “Nano Vibrational technology” (NVT). This programmable proprietary device is called the Shuzi Chip. When Shuzi is within six inches of your body, a subtle vibrational energy is emitted from the Shuzi Chip that stimulates your blood cells to separate.

It is a well known fact of science that ALL atoms are in a constant state of motion. This includes a physical objects atom, such as the atoms that make up a desk or chair. Every atom in a physical object is known to “vibrate” or oscillate back and forth. The Shuzi Chip, emits energy to stimulate a separation of blood cells in the wearer’s body which increases blood cell circulation.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Shuzi Pendants

Shuzi Pendants are stylish and classy. Positioned at the center of your body so the Nano Vibration Technology chip has the strongest effect. This pendant was featured in the VIP gift bags at the Red Carpet Luxury Lounge in honor of the 2012 Emmy Awards nominees.

Shuzi created a very cute Open Heart pendant that will make for a wonderful gift. It's made from light-weight durable titanium so it won't scratch. Small, smooth to the touch and works as a great present for that special somebody.