Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New Portable Infrared Sauna

Introducing the Solo System: a new portable infrared sauna. It goes without saying that this portable infrared sauna is of high quality and durability.

Most Effective Available
This is a wonderful idea! IT is like a sleeping bag for your soul. The Solo System sauna features  the unique...
  • Solocarbon clinically-tested far infrared
  • Zone-based digital heater controls, 
  • Ultra low EMF technology,
  • Exclusive Solopad and pillow included
  • And sleek Bamboo Carbon design. 
  • In addition to all that, it is portable 
  • And affordable, 
  • Plus a highly effective far infrared sauna.

Ultra Low EMF Technology
What a great way to treat your body to the healthy benefits of Solocarbon far infrared technology which is also proven to be 95% effective in lowering blood pressure -a great factor right there for so many people - increases core temprature and aids in weight loss. With the safest, clinically-tested technology available, it is no wonder the pH Miracle infrared saunas are the most trusted on the planet.

Modern Bamboo Carbon Exterior
The bamboo Carbon exterior offers a sustainable fiber with a variety of minerals that offer unique attributes which make it anti-bacterial and help with odor absorption and improve air quality. Bamboo Carbon is also eco-friendly, easy to clean and certified non-toxic.

Zone- based Digital Heater Controls
You will have 9 different settings on the digital control panel from which to choose. -It is simple to set the right temperature for your comfort level.

Double-dome, light weight design
Its unique, lightweight, double-dome design makes it easy to store in a closet or corner of a room.

Solo Pad
Lastly, the Solo Pad is the most effective far infrared pad anywhere. Put it anywhere. Your Solo sauna gives a more intense and deeply detoxifying experience.

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Solo System Lupus Testimonial:

"I have Lupus and autoimmune vasculitis. Before the sauna arrived, I couldn't close my fist without pain (and really, couldn't completely close it at all), due to inflammation and joint pain. After two weeks of daily use, I could close my hand completely without pain. I bruise easily, and before the sauna, bruises would last for months; after the sauna, they start to recent after about a week. My skin looks better – even my laugh lines are "gone"! My flare ups have been lessened, and for the first time, my doctor (on this past Friday's visit) didn't want to "up" my meds, because my pain is now under control. The improvements have not been only physical – my stress levels are down on the days I use the sauna. I am given that peaceful quiet time, either reading or just relaxing in the sauna. The heat is so soothing and calming….well, that "calm" carries over into my entire day.

I have referred Sunlighten saunas to my friends and to a Lupus support group that has an online bulletin board. I hope, for their sakes, that they call.

Even barring illness, I believe that every household should have a Sunlighten sauna in it. The benefits are amazing, the difference in my life everyday is obvious to everyone around me."

Tehachapi, CA

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